Three years ago I developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot. The condition worsened to the point I could no longer run or bike, my primary conditioning activities. I could barely walk in the morning and the pain throughout the day was at times unbearable. I tried many treatments from doctors with little or no success. It took two years for the condition to heal. Almost a year ago plantar faciitis arrived in my left foot. I didn't bother going to see a doctor this time and just assumed i would have to suffer for a year or two until the problem went away. Fortunately a few months ago I came across your video, The Healthy Foot. I watched the DVD the day I purchased it and immediately started following your plan. As I was doing the excercises I immediately felt comfort and relief. As soon as I finished the routine I could walk on my left foot without pain. I have continued following your plan and within weeks was able to walk out of bed in the morning and continue my normal workout routine pain free. I continue to apply your techniques on my feet every day to both heel and prevent further complications. Great job with The Healthy Foot. Anyone with bad feet or planter facciitis would welcome the relief and healing your video provides. Thank you.


Robert Marks

Most exercise stops at the ankles, leaving feet under-prepared for the demands of daily life. The Healthy Foot is an instructional DVD which complements traditional exercise with 25 minutes of refined exercises to stretch & strengthen the muscles of the feet. The Healthy Foot is key to a stronger physical foundation and relief from foot pain.